Getting familiar with another culture is as important as competing

The English and Dutch guests are competing in Safety and Security, Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing Skills. A group, which includes competitors, coaches and teachers, is in Finland to explore the Finnish way of teaching in their field and share their experiences.

Education in Security Services in Netherlands has exchanged students and teachers with Finland for many years and they have good experiences for short-term, few weeks student exchanges with Vocational Education Center Sedu in Kurikka. Being on their own is a very healthy lesson for students. When they come back from Finland, they have grown mature. Studying abroad for a while is a good thing to write in your CV, the Dutch teachers Eric de Graaf and Arnold Timmer believe.

Co-operation between the European schools is important, because examinations between the Netherlands, England and Finland are being standardized. Even more important in this time is to get to know different cultures and learn to work with people from different cultures. Meanwhile you can also compete a little. Especially so, because security services are not included in vocational skills competitions in England, tells Pat Kavanagh.

Welcome to follow, how Colin Coule, Lars de Haan and Brenden Cozens-Robins compete in Safety and Security, Angela Buursma in Hairdressing and Annemijn Krol in Beauty Therapy Skills.