Presentations of the International seminar and workshop

Dear friends and colleagues in international education,

What a pleasure the last week was for us – a very enjoyable and stimulating meetings with you all from 26 different countries around the world.  We hope that you returned back to your home countries with new connections, ideas and energy.

We are delighted to tell you that seminar presentations are now available for your use.

On behalf of all the orgnanisers of the event we would like to thank you for participating in the conference and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to Finland soon again!

– Kirsi Lounela
Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education Sedu


“Strengthening the Competence Based Approach in Finland – this is how we did it”

Test the Best – Welcome to Taitaja2016, Ms Seija Rasku, President of Skills Finland and Counsellor of education in the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

Seija Rasku – Test the Best – Welcome to Taitaja2016

Quality in VET: Skills for the 21st century, Mr João Santos, Deputy Head of Unit in DG Employment,
Social Aairs and Inclusion, European Commission

Joao Santos – Quality in VET Skills for the 21st century

Implementing ECVET and the Competence Based Approach in Finland, Ms Hanna Autere,
Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education

Hanna Autere – Implementing ECVET and the Competence Based Approach in Finland

Panel discussion, Keynote speakers of the morning. Moderator: Mr Mika Saarinen, Head of Unit,
Vocational Education and Training, CIMO

Teija Ripattila – Panel discussion Case Skills

Tarja Nieminen and Jari Pöyhönen – Scouts – ECVET in non-formal and informal learning

Diving into the world of the competence based approach in everyday VET around Finland – a video tour. Validation and recognition of prior learning, non-formal and informallearning presented by students, teachers, guidance practitioners and other experts such as skills competitors and their coaches.

Case Forestry: Implementing the learning outcomes based approach in practice. Acquiring Skills excellence in Forestry education, Ms Anikó Vári (PhD), Deputy Director, FM KASZK, Budapest, Hungary
Mr Jorma Tukeva, education manager, Joint Municipal Authority for Education Sedu, Finland

Jorma Tukeva – Case Forestry

Aniko Vari – Case Forestry

Skills for the coming decades – a company perspective, Mr Asko Piirainen, CEO of Metsäurakointi Piirainen Ltd. and Chairman of the Trade Association of Finnish Forestry and Earthmoving Contractors

Asko Piirainen – Skills for the coming decades – a company perspective


Workshop 11.05.2016 Learning outcomes based approach – This is how we do it

Jari Koivumaa and Tiina Suopajärvi – LOVE VET

Anne Tyynelä – Rudi’s path

Pyry Antola – Learning outcomes based approaches


You can see the seminar programme here.