Skills Competitions

Taitaja2016 will be held in Seinäjoki on 10-12 May 2016.

The skills competition features 44 different categories. The competition is open to vocational students who are aged 20 or under in the year of the competition. In addition, many skill categories also have guest competitors, for example international or adult education students. Guest competitors for each skill category are invited and selected by  Vocational Education Centre Sedu.

406_sahkoasenn_1200_1Finnish finalists for the Taitaja 2016 competition are determined in semifinals organised in early 2016 across the country. Annually  nearly 2,000 young students attend in the semifinals.

The competitions aim to replicate genuine work environments . The competition tasks are in line with curricula grade Excellent. Each category is judged by a trilateral jury with representatives from educational, employer and employee organisations.

Taitaja2016 will feature three demonstration skill categories, which are First Level Emergency Care, Bioenergy and Welfare Technology. Demonstration categories are not competition events.

Please enquire with our international office ( about possible international competitor enrollment.



Taitaja2016 Skills categories

Vehicle Technology and Transport (100)
101 Automobile Technology
102 Autobody and Repair
103 Car Painting
104 Transporting technology
105 Forestry Machinery

Information and Communication Technology (200)
201 Mech. Eng. CAD
202 Printing Technology
203 Print Design
204 IT / Software Applications
205 IT PC / Network Support
206 Web Design

Services (300)
301 Customer Service and Selling
302 Ladies’ / Men’s Hairdressing
303 Beauty Therapy
304 Floristry
305 Caring
306 Cleaning Services
307 Ladies’ Dressmaking
308 Visual Merchandising
309 Horse Grooming
310 Entrepreneurship
311 Animal Husbandry
312 Tourism Industry
313 Financial Administration

Building (400)
401 Cabinetmaking
402 Ventilation Technology
404 Painting and Decorating
405 Plumbing
406 Electrical Installations
407 House Construction, Carpentry
408 Housing Construction, Wall and Floor Tiling
410 Landscape Gardening

Catering Services (500)
501 Confectioner / Pastry Cook
502 Restaurant Cooking
503 Catering
504 Restaurant Service

Industrial Services (600)
601 Industrial Control
602 Electronics
603 CNC-Milling/turning
604 Laboratory Technician
605 Welding
606 Mechatronics
607 Industrial Maintenance

Demonstration Skill Categories
First Level Emergency Care
Welfacre Technology
Meat product’s Processing